Bicycle Botany
Joe Rodota Trail II

Went down the Joe Rodota Trail again, this time all the way to Santa Rosa where Highways 12 and 101 meet. Here is a link to the Sonoma County Bicycle Trail system maps:

Strange how much the landscape changes from Sebastopol to Santa Rosa! From Sebastopol it is changes from open spaces, oaks and plum trees. East of Stony Pt. Rd it becomes more developed, non descript industrial warehouses, barbed wire, bridge underpasses. Tall Fences and subdivisions take the place of open fields, with more busy intersections and traffic.  The social demographics change too- a depressed economy is more evident towards Santa Rosa by the amount of people pushing shopping carts along the trail.

I went back to my favorite prunus grove to get some more Santa Rosa Wild Plums, still on the tree and still sweet!

I stopped and took some photos of the plants growing alongside the trail vigorously. You could call them weeds, non native, invasive, but they are still pretty cool nonetheless, tenacious plants.

In one area we have many growing together, here is Lamb’s Quarters, Chenopodium album.

Prickly Lettuce, Lactuca serriola

Poison Hemlock, Conium maculatum. Do not eat or breathe in this plant! It causes respiratory problems and death, the story goes that Socrates ate some to kill himself.

It grows everywhere, tall too, sometimes 10 feet or more. It has purple spots on its stem which is a good identifying feature.

Curly Dock, Rumex crispus

Wild Radish, Raphnus sativus